Name Code
1.    Artist of the Year Artist
2.    Hip Hop Artist of the Year HipHop
3.    Gospel Artist of the Year Gospel
4.    Amapiano Artist the Year Amapiano
5.    Dance Artist of the Year Dance
6.    SofnFree Afro Pop Artist of the Year AfroPop
7.    Jazz Artist of the Year Jazz
8.    Newcomer of the Year NewComer
9.    Entertainment Radio Presenter of the Year RadioPresenter
10.  DJ of the Year DJ
11.  Pop Artist of the Year Pop
12.  Traditional Artist  of the Year Traditional
13.  Song of the Year Song
14.  Music TV Show presenter of the Year MusictvShow
15.  Entertainment Journalist of the Year Journo
16. Music Video  of the Year MusicVideo
17.  Songwriter of the Year Songwriter
18. Best Styled Artist of the Year Styled
19. Entertainment Radio Producer of the Year RadioProducer
20. Entertainment TV Producer of the Year TvProducer
21. Collaboration of the year Collab
22. Reggae artist of the year Reggae